Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Custom Business Facebook Photos - The Key To Getting More Likes on Facebook

Facebook marketing is just as popular these days as Google, Bing and Yahoo pay per clicks. Some businesses get away with only having a Facebook page that focuses solely on Facebook marketing. Driving in new customers through Facebook is becoming more and more common and essential to growing a client base. It is not as easy as creating a basic Facebook page and expecting it to become popular without a lot of marketing. Many people see competitors becoming popular on Facebook and want a piece of the action.

Need more Facebook likes? The first step to having a successful business Facebook page is to make sure that your message is getting across visually. This is done by having custom Facebook graphics made. The cover photo is the first bit of information that pops out to visitors. Showing product lines and/or services offered grabs attention quickly. Offering sales and specials can also be integrated into business Facebook cover photos.

In addition to having a cover graphic that is descriptive, having a call to action photo for the main Facebook profile picture can be made to give visitors a reason to “like” your Facebook page. For example, a Realtor can have their Facebook graphic say something along the lines of “Like us to view foreclosures”. This engages visitors to take action when they see something they like. This builds up your fan base and can increase conversion rates if you pay for Facebook marketing.

Custom business Facebook graphics also can help increase visitor responses for pay per click campaigns. Facebook gather information on search patterns that each user is interested in and shows them ads that reflect their interests. Automatic target marketing through Facebook ads already gives businesses a quick advantage. Custom graphics for a business Facebook page will increase conversion rates for advertising campaigns resulting in more likes.

After custom graphics are made for your business or organization, what’s next? The first step is purchasing “likes”. This gives your organization quick online credibility. Whether the “likes” are from real people, or just a service that was paid to like your page, no one will be able to tell the difference. After purchasing “likes” through an SEO service, consider starting a daily Facebook marketing campaign. This will generate likes from real users that are interested in your organization.

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